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23. International Timber Forums

06.12.2017 - 08.12.2017

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International timber construction forum for wood construction professionals from all over the world

Every year in Garmisch the professionals of the timber construction industry meet for the forum of the year. Here, ideas are gathered and thoughts exchanged and, above all, information collected. We have been a part of this great event, as in the last decades.

The IHF offers timber planners, planners, engineers and architects the opportunity to report on their experiences, work and goals with wooden structures or wooden constructions. At the same time, the Forum will provide the projectors, those responsible for construction and approval authorities, the woodworker and craftsman, the practitioner and the instructor with the opportunity to get comprehensive information and exchange information. Further information is available at

See you in Garmisch!

Alternative days:

06.12.2017 , 07.12.2017 , 08.12.2017


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